The Lodge

The Lodge

As the new girl in town, the last thing Skye needs is a camera crew making a reality show of her life. She already has a hotel to save and the mystery of her mother’s past to figure out; it would be a lot for any 15 year old to handle. But on top of all this she’s got a new group of friends to fit in with, and don’t even get her started on the boy drama… Fifteen-year-old Skye moves with her father from the big city to rural Northern Ireland, where they take over a local family owned  hotel called North Star, previously managed by Skye's grandfather. Skye tries to build a new life, but this new life is not free from complications as Skye must navigate through the everyday stresses of life as a teenager and tries to integrate into a group of teenagers who live and work in the hotel.
Premiere Date: September 23, 2016
Casts: Luke Newton, Jade Alleyne, Sophie Simnett, Thomas Doherty, Bethan Wright, Jayden Revri, Joshua Sinclair-Evans
Air Time: 5:30 pm
Country: IL
Air Day: Friday

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