A lawyer (criminal defense) tries to take up the most challenging and disturbing cases that no one wants. Whilst barrister Cleaver Greene’s ex-wife may call him unreliable, his son will call him a mate. To his learned friends at the bar table he is a real wag, and to most judges he is an outrage. To the Tax Office, he is a defendant, to a certain brothel owner a legend, and to his former cocaine dealer a tragic loss. The clients he loves the most are those that appear to be utterly hopeless. He will do whatever it takes to defend and save life’s truly lost souls. The big sinners. Its drug lords. Its cannibals. Its bestialites. And at the same time, he will struggle to save himself, to stop himself falling back into the abyss that has characterised most of his self-destructive adult life thus far. Cleaver Greene is not about politics or morality or even justice. Cleaver Greene is about the law. And it is his passion for the law that drives him to use his formidable intelligence to defend people whom society and the justice system might otherwise convict without a fair trial. He uses his encyclopaedic knowledge of human nature and the Byzantine intricacies of our legal codes to guarantee that his clients get what is theirs by the law; the right to a diligent defence.
Premiere Date: November 4, 2010
Casts: Danielle Cormack, Russell Dykstra, Matt Day, Robyn Malcolm, Richard Roxburgh, Adrienne Pickering, Caroline Brazier
Air Time: 6:30 AM
Country: AU
Air Day: Sunday

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Rake Series 1 Trailer | ABC1

Rake Series 1 Trailer | ABC1

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