NASAs Unexplained Files

NASAs Unexplained Files

On NASA’s Unexplained Files, strange flying objects have been caught on NASA’s cameras and astronauts have reported seeing UFOs. Some of the odd shapes and lights can be identified; others remain a mystery. We’ll reveal NASA footage and interview the astronauts and scientists. Dive into the mysteries of some of NASA’s most curious missions and explore stories of engineering achievement and human endurance. Each episode offers first hand testimony from astronauts, NASA mission footage, plus beautifully rendered CGI to bring to life these voyages that reveal unexplained sightings that have dogged many of NASA’s most famous missions.
Premiere Date: March 2, 2014
Air Time: 21:00
Country: US
Air Day: Tuesday
Season 6 Episodes

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Shuttle Commander Spots Mysterious Objects | NASAs Unexplained Files

Shuttle Commander Spots Mysterious Objects | NASA's Unexplained Files

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