My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

For the first time ever, American gypsies are revealing their homes, workplaces, social circles and celebrations. Forget the gypsy stereotypes about black magic, bare knuckle boxing, flashy cars and outlandish weddings. TLC will now go across the United States to share what it’s like to be living as a Gypsy in America. Come along as TLC explores the unique and ancient traditions that have shaped and defined the Gypsy community for hundreds of years. From the most extravagant wedding gowns to explosive celebrations and the madness that follows, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding takes you through the biggest bashes in Gypsy culture.
Premiere Date: April 29, 2012
Air Time: 10:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Thursday

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