Little Dog

Little Dog

Little Dog is the story of lightweight boxer Tommy “Little Dog” Ross, and his haphazard quest for redemption. One fateful night five years ago, Tommy betrayed the boxer’s code of conduct during a championship bout against Rico “Havoc” St. George – he dropped his gloves in the middle of a round and quit the fight, dumping a promising career down the drain. Tommy has had to live with the fallout of this decision ever since.Now Tommy has the chance for a rematch and his family isn’t sure what to think. Sure, they all loved lapping up the glory of Tommy’s spotlight – but living in the shadow of his humiliating defeat was more than they could bear. If he fights again, will it bring shame or glory? Tommy’s mother Sylvia, a failed singer, will prove yet again to be Tommy’s true nemesis in his not-quite heroic return to the ruthless world of boxing. Tommy is a broken, would-be champion, trying to survive within an outrageously dysfunctional family. If the training doesn’t break him, his scheming relatives certainly will do their damnedest to finish the job. Pro-boxer Tommy “Little Dog” Ross, the favourite to win a Championship Belt, has a world-class meltdown in the middle of the fight and walks out of the ring. We meet up with him again five years later, living a life of general self-destruction, when he is caught on video in a bar fight, prompting old rival Rico “Havoc” St. George to challenge him to a title rematch. Tommy struggles to get the noise of his strong-willed family out of his head in order to make the decision of whether or not to get back in the ring.
Premiere Date: March 1, 2018
Casts: Katharine Isabelle, Dwain Murphy, Julia Taylor Ross, Patricia Isaac, Joel Thomas Hynes, Andy Jones, Ger Ryan, Stephen Oates, Billy Cochrane
Air Time: 9:00 pm
Country: CA
Air Day: Thursday

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Little Dog Trailer Canadian TV Show on CBC

Little Dog Trailer Canadian TV Show on CBC

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