Tim has cerebral palsy, which means that people judge him, and his crumpled tissue of a body. But usually they judge him wrongly. Because what they don’t realise is that inside that severely disabled, fragile body is a bit of an asshole. Tim knows he makes people uncomfortable – he does it on purpose. He knows his cerebral palsy means he can get away with saying what others can’t. But that’s his problem: time spent taking aim at life’s easier targets means Tim takes his eye off its bigger prizes: the job, the girl and the visa. Like faking it as a refugee, making a disabled nemesis and offending his new colleagues at a greeting cards company, Tim becomes the master of his own downfall and it’s left to his friends Ruth, his indifferent care worker, and Idris, to get him out of all the disastrous situations he gets himself into. Jerk follows the life of acclaimed stand up Tim Renkow, who plays a heightened version of himself; an American art school dropout who needs to get a visa to stay in the UK. The only problem is that Tim has cerebral palsy. This means that people judge him… all the time. Although usually they judge him wrongly, because what they don’t realise is that inside that severely disabled, vulnerable body is a bit of an asshole.
Premiere Date: February 24, 2019
Casts: Tim Renkow, Lorraine Bracco, Sharon Rooney, Rob Madin
Air Time: 6:00 am
Country: GB
Air Day: Sunday

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