American Jungle

American Jungle

On the island paradise of Hawaii, thousands of acres of untamed jungle are home to wild beasts and the men who live off the land in the ancient ways of their ancestors. Generations of families have claimed, maintained and fought over their own sacred hunting trails. When the dry season comes, wild boar, goats, feral bulls and small game crisscross the island in search for water. These clans must do whatever it takes to protect their turf. But in a land where traditions run deep and ancient spirits rule the mountains, hunting is about more than putting food on the table. It’s about respecting the family and revering the ancestors. American Jungle, a new series on History, follows several tight-knit clans as they hunt the old way – with knives and spears – and battle for control of their territory.
Premiere Date: November 10, 2013 (US)
Air Time: 8:00 PM
Air Day: Sunday

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