Accidental Renovators Season 1, Episode 1 : Episode 1

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Accidental Renovators Cal and Claire inspect the property in its current state, talking through the various works that need doing. They enlist help from volunteers sourced online from around the globe.The financial struggles that Cal and Claire are up against become evident, as they realise that the work that's needed on Jameswood Villa is much greater than they ever anticipated. Living in a caravan on site and doing as much of the work as they physically can themselves along with unpaid volunteers, they realise it's time for some financial help.As their unique story of the accidental purchase of the villa spreads online and their social media presence subsequently grows, Cal and Claire set up a Go Fund Me page and begin receiving generous donations from people from all over the world – some as far as Australia - who are following their story and wish to donate.The initial funds received are used to buy scaffolding from eBay to save money on hiring a scaffolding company. The scaffolding is erected by Cal and Claire and work commences on the roof. As parts of the roof are caving in, the gravitas of the task becomes apparent and between safety concerns and a professional quote of £40,000, which is what they paid for the whole property, it's becoming a desperate situation. Cal's dad who has some experience in the industry steps in to help.

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