Dexter Returns with Dexter: New Blood, Answering All Unanswered Questions?

Finally! After 10 years, the “Dexter” Morgan we all know is back! This time he resurface with a different life and identity. He is now known as a regular guy name, Jim Lindsay who lives in a small town of Iron Lake, New York which is somewhere far away from his past life. The new trailer partially revealed what to expect from the returning series showing some important part and crucial events of his life coming back. From his sister Debra Morgan as possibly the invisible conscience that will be bugging him during each episodes as he is battling his killing urges, to his almost forgotten already teen kid, Harrison Morgan.

From the trailer below, you can watch Dexter: New Blood’s plot as it unravels the 10 year older Dexter. It seems that killing can not be avoided by Dexter despite his trying to forget it after what happened in his past which you can watch in the season 8 of Dexter series. Fans all over the world are surely excited with the return of the show on November 7 at Showtime network and the question now is that can we now be satisfied of the ending of this series? Will they give proper justice to this series this time and we will not be disappointed? Let’s find out together and watch Dexter series online via WatchSeriesZ on the date here.

What do you think of this return? Personally, I am expecting this and want this a few years earlier. I was shouting about it all over the internet since its season finale from the 8th season. I want some closure with the story of Dexter and the last season didn’t gave that. However, this time it seems that they are right on track on providing the proper closure for such an amazing story. Here’s another clip or teaser from the show.

The knives, the blood, the look of the serial killer its just priceless and I will definitely not miss this!