Best Horror TV Series That You Should Not Watch Alone!

In my lifetime, I have watched several TV series that I waited every week for the new episode. And my favorite genre of series is always horror TV shows. I don’t know, it just raise my interest on this kind of series and not because I love to watch miseries, blood, deaths and the other dark feelings. Simply because it really entertained me. Imagine, I even tried to predict the killer in slasher horror series and where the ghost will possibly show or creep out the primary protagonist of the series. However, there are some shows I can’t predict the scare tactics. Some of them are on my list here and some on the list are known to be popular to be most watched horror series in the world. (this is in random order)

    1. The Haunting of Hill House. This is a supernatural horror TV series from Netflix and I always include this one on my list as I am really impressed with the story line and the scare it gave me when I watched it alone. 🙂 It surround with the haunted house were a family live and haunted by some paranormal events that resulted to tragedy to the family. I can’t say anymore but the jumping of the timeline from the past to the present and how they present each event connected to another is really amazing. You will never expect how it ends and the character that really scared me is the bent-neck lady and its relation to the one of the character. I advice that you watch this series with somebody with you as the story will give you nightmare or a real scare that you will never forget. The series stars Kate Siegel, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Timothy Hutton, Elizabeth Reaser, Michiel Huisman, Carla Gugino, and Henry Thomas. Check out the trailer of the series and tell me if this is not fearful enough for you.
    2. American Horror Story. This series, its either you hate it or love it. Simply because each season of this series have different stories or horror story to feature. It got 10 seasons already as of to the date of this post. The first season of the horror series surround with the haunted Murder House where people who died there were trapped and haunting the new residents. The 2nd season centers with the Asylum and patient of the mental institution. Its a lot of crazy people and bloody deaths. If your fans of Maroon 5 well, you’ll get a chance to see Adam Levine in one of its episode.  The 3rd season of the series surround with witches and dubbed as the Coven. This is followed by circus centered season specifically the Freak Show horrors that are experienced by the entertainers of the circus. The 5th season is set in a haunted hotel which is I believe inspired by the infamous Cecil Hotel which is known for mysterious and grisly deaths back in the days. The next seasons where Roanake, Cult, Apocalypse, 1984, and the latest vampire-alien centered 10th season, “Double Feature”. Luckily I found a trailer video from Youtube that shows all the trailer of the series (actually from season 1 to 9 only, just look for the 10th season on YT).
    3. The Haunting of Bly Manor. Well, this is the series that follows the Hill House show but not actually a sequel but got a different story. I watched this series because I was expecting the same scare from its sister show and since this is from the same guys who made the The Haunting of Hill House. I am not disappointed because I was expecting that it will be a different story. However, the series is more of a romantic drama rather than horror. There’s an element of horror as it actually made like that but if you will summarize everything, the story is really actually a tragic love story. If you love this kind of horror you might want to check the episodes of this series on Netflix. Check the trailer below.
    4. The Twilight Zone. I was watching twilight zone since I was young and the new Twilight Zone didn’t fail to impress me and did watch every episode of it. If your familiar with the good old days Twilight Zone and want a different horror stories in every episode then this 2019 horror TV series is for you. In this new version, the voice that introduces every story is delivered by none other than Jordan Peele. The reboot got the touch of modern and classic horror stories that is familiar to all of the fans of the original series. Check the trailer of the show below.
    5. Creeped Out. If you love anthology horror series with different stories in every episodes then Creeped Out can deliver a decent scare. Well, this targets to scare children but the tales are enough for adults to feel fear while watching alone. It is composed of two seasons with 23 unique stories which every episode shows a kid with a disturbing white mask. Check out the trailer below and see how this show will deliver a horror entertainment.
    6. The Outsider. Well, I just recently watched this series and I highly recommend you to watch The Outsider. Why not? It is a Stephen King horror series and the show deserve an award as it gives justice to the horror novel by King. In the first two episodes of the series, it seems that it is just an ordinary crime series with a heart breaking plot but as it goes on the dark and disturbing story started to reveal it self. You must watch it up to the ending to see the value of this series. It is one of the TV series today that I want to have another season. The story is quite interesting but the latest news indicates that HBO cancelled this but other streaming network is planning to continue the Stephen King series. Check out the full trailer below of The Outsider.
    7. Urban Legend. This is my latest addition to the list of horror TV series that must watch. An anthology horror series from one of the best creator of chilling stories today, Eli Roth. All of urban legend stories in almost one hour story that I’m sure you will never forget. The usual gore and phobia inducing stories that will surely marked something to your imagination. Watch Urban Legend and I assure you will not regret spending your time watching it.