List of Project Free Tv Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

project free tvProject Free TV (pftv) is known for its vast collection of links for streaming free movies and TV series online. It was one of the most searched keyword in search engines and history tells us that this site have been a target of DDOS attacks, spamming attempts, DMCA take downs and other activities that leads to the death of this website. There are a lot of attempt today to copy or surpass the services that this brand had offered. Most of them failed to do so and some just vanished in thin air after several months of trying to sustain the demand of the cyberspace for a comprehensive source of TV shows and films streaming information.

This entry is written for the purpose of providing a comprehensive list of project free tv alternative that can accommodate your online entertainment needs. The post will be updated from time to time to include newly discovered websites that offers the same or much better service to the latter. Let start the list below and comment if you agree in including the site for this purpose. Continue reading…

Best Horror TV Series That You Should Not Watch Alone!

In my lifetime, I have watched several TV series that I waited every week for the new episode. And my favorite genre of series is always horror TV shows. I don’t know, it just raise my interest on this kind of series and not because I love to watch miseries, blood, deaths and the other dark feelings. Simply because it really entertained me. Imagine, I even tried to predict the killer in slasher horror series and where the ghost will possibly show or creep out the primary protagonist of the series. However, there are some shows I can’t predict the scare tactics. Some of them are on my list here and some on the list are known to be popular to be most watched horror series in the world. (this is in random order) Continue reading…

Horror Movies You Don’t Want to Miss to Watch This 2021

The horror genre is undeniably the most watched film in the world. I don’t know if what’s the reason but possibly, people loved to be scared or simply fond of watching stories that can crawl under their skin. This 2021 there’s a lot of movies were released despite the pandemic issue of the world. Some were shot during the pre-covid times and some just adapted to the current health situation of the world and make use of the virtual presence to scare people.

The following are some of the horror movies to watch this 2021. It is listed in random order so no preferences at all but just a list of scary stories that you might consider watching. Continue reading…

Dexter Returns with Dexter: New Blood, Answering All Unanswered Questions?

Finally! After 10 years, the “Dexter” Morgan we all know is back! This time he resurface with a different life and identity. He is now known as a regular guy name, Jim Lindsay who lives in a small town of Iron Lake, New York which is somewhere far away from his past life. The new trailer partially revealed what to expect from the returning series showing some important part and crucial events of his life coming back. From his sister Debra Morgan as possibly the invisible conscience that will be bugging him during each episodes as he is battling his killing urges, to his almost forgotten already teen kid, Harrison Morgan.

From the trailer below, you can watch Dexter: New Blood’s plot as it unravels the 10 year older Dexter. It seems that killing can not be avoided by Dexter despite his trying to forget it after what happened in his past which you can watch in the season 8 of Dexter series. Fans all over the world are surely excited with the return of the show on Continue reading…

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